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24-in-1 Multi-Tool Key

292 customer reviews

Be prepared for every situation anytime and anywhere! With our Multi-Tool Key, there is not any obstacle that can't be sorted out right at the spot!

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A key that really has it all

With 20 + functions, our Key is made to help you tackle each and every one of your everyday problems, from that bottle that needs to be opened and that screw that needs to be fixed.

Countless functions at your service 24/7

Screwdriver, drill driver, wrench, bike wheel wrench, bottle opener, box opener, ruler, cutting tool, hexagon wrench, angle measurer, file...all of this and more integrated into a small, powerful Multi-Tool Key.

The only keychain you're ever going to need

Put the Multi-Tool Key on the keychain and keep it with you at all times for when unpredictable situations happen. Save the situation with a quick fix and don't allow anything to ruin your day.

Product specifications

  • Material: 420 Stainless Steel
  • 20+ functions
  • Easy to carry
  • High Quality

24-in-1 Multi-Tool Key

Small, well-thought innovations that make our lives easy and our problems non-existent.

292 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Nancy P. Los Angeles
Already opened countless beers and boxes with this tool haha :D
Nancy L. Columbus
Such a small key with sooo many functions!
Pamela S. Huston
Saved me on so many occasions, I keep it with me at all times.
Betty D. Washington
Awesome, got it as a gift from my girlfriend!

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