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Acupuncture Pen VIVAPRO

119 customer reviews

Stimulate your nerves and muscles all over the body, relieve chronic pains, help your body recover after injuries, all of this and more! Give your body a sense of freedom!

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Reduce pain by stimulating your trigger points

Locate, stimulate and send electrical pulses through your skin to activate the release of endorphins and your body's other own pain killers. Experience the feeling of relief and successfully reduce the pain!

It's all about your body

Hands, head or arms, your body is fully covered in acupoints yet to discover! Treat you body like a temple and take good care of it, give it the treatment it deserves!

Get your sleep back

Win your sleep back by efficiently relieving the pain in your body and enjoy your long-awaited, relaxed and well-deserved sleep! A safe and effective way to ensure you a good night sleep, with no side effects!

Acupuncture Pen VIVAPRO

No pain is worth your time, try our Acupuncture Pen and experience the feeling of having control over your body. Painless, needles and highly effective!

119 customer reviews
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Mary J. Denver
Excellent quality and so easy to use!
Sarah P. Charlotte
Perfect product for my pain!
Sarah E. Detroit
I'm obsessed with this!
Jennifer H. Washington
Works really well!

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