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Anti-Mosquito Lamp

238 customer reviews

Are you looking for a non-toxic solution to get rid of flying insects – especially mosquitos? This lamp is a safe way to guarantee you uninterrupted nights.

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Non-toxic and ambient friendly

By UV light this Lamp attracts mosquitos, hidden in all corners of the room. Mosquitos get sucked in by silent vacuum and can’t escape.

Saved from mosquitos even outside

Peaceful evening gatherings on your garden won’t be a problem. No need for smelly and not effective repellents – just plug the lamp into power bank and leave it near to do the job.

Safe to use, easy to maintain

There are no secret toxic elements or fumes. The UV light is more irresistible to mosquitos than your children’s’ blood. Keep them safe and scratch free. Just empty the Lamp’s container when it’s full and peace will continue.

Anti-Mosquito Lamp

Silent USB plug-in lamp will capture the insects that got inside your home despite all your efforts to keep them away. No more nighttime exercise trying to dispose of those annoying bzzz sound effects.

238 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Nancy G. Phoenix
I have a little alergy on the insects. This lamp really helps and I got less bites from them.
Susan V. Boston
The easiest way to get rid of mosquitos in my living room.
Elizabeth G. Fort Worth
I have one in each room. I almost forgot how mosquitos annoy me.
Lisa R. Denver
It really does work and catch mosquitos. From now we don't have any problems with insects.
Mary P. San Diego
I take mine with when we go camping. I plug it in at tent’s entry and we have no trouble sleeping.

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