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Summertime and your home is filled with mosquitos? Or is it autumn and those little red ant buggers began to invade your food stock? Just plug in AntiPest and say farewell to unwanted visitors.

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Fresh air in the summer nights

No more moths and mosquitos, when you open your windows to let in that summer breeze. AntiPest covers large area, so only one unit suffices for small apartments. Just leave the door open, because ultrasonic waves can’t penetrate walls, and you’re safe of constant buzzing and bumping at your light bulbs.

Repelling all pests

Are mites preventing you from having a goodnight sleep? Or perhaps you are afraid of spiders? AntiPest is effective to all sort of pests. It will even repel fleas!

Keep your vacation home pest-free!

Pests more often welcome themselves in unoccupied homes. With AntiPest you can spare yourself those annoying moments, when instead of starting your vacation, you must disinfect whole house. No more mice, no spiders, no cockroaches.


AntiPest has no chemicals, no dangerous fumes. Only ultrasonic waves that are undetectable for your family but annoy rodents and insects. Nontoxic and powerful – a perfect combination.

376 customer reviews
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Elizabeth K. Columbus
AntiPest takes a couple of weeks to clear your flat, but it does it perfectly.
Nancy K. Boston
My wife is afraid of spiders and I’ve got AntiPest and now we don't have problems.
Barbara T. San Jose
I didn’t believe it at first, but my cellar is now truly enemy-free.
Nancy K. Columbus
We have a small pond on our garden and mosquitos are fierce. Now we at least have peace inside.

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