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Baby Groot Flower Pot

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Are you bored of plain, basic flower pots? Then Baby Groot Flower Pot is the perfect solution for you! The dual functionality allows the cute baby groot figure to be used as a flower pot, pencil holder or even home decor.

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Baby Groot Flower Pot can be used to plant many different kinds of table top plants like green plants, silk plants, cactus or mini succulents, silk flowers or even flowers from your garden. It can also be used as a pencil holder, or just plain, for decoration!

Perfect Design

Modeled after the cute Baby Groot, the design is made to be functional both as a flower pot or a pen holder. There is a small hole in the bottom of the flowerpot, so that water will leak out when used as a planter pot. When used as a pen holder, the hole design is not visible so it doesn't affect the appearance of groot pen pot.

Top Quality

The adorable Baby Groot Flower Pot is made out of high quality PVC material, that is environmentally friendly, safe to use and non-toxic. The flower pot is also very durable and will last you a long time!

Baby Groot Flower Pot

Perfect addition to your home decor! Get the cute Baby Groot Flower Pot now.

351 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Barbara F. Detroit
I bought this as a present for my son, he loves it.
Brenda V. Austin
A delightful character, who makes you believe in treemen and flower fairies. So cute!
Barbara F. Fort Worth
Very happy with the product.
Maria R. Washington
Even if you've never watched any Marvel film, this model is guaranteed to make you smile.

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