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Banana Hair Clip-1+1 GRATIS!!

134 customer reviews

Wearing your hair loose is lots of fun, but when you're doing something physical or when it's windy, the hair in your face makes you go crazy. Luckily, with a trendy Banana Hair Clip those issues go away quickly!

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For All Hair Types

The clip is made out of 30 metallic teeth and elastic rubber band. The clamp isn't easy to break and will always stay in the desired spot, making it suitable for all hair types, curls, straight, full hair, long or short.

No More Ponytail Headache

Using a hair tie can cause a lot of pressure to your scalp and hair ends, and if worn loosely, it won't stay in one place and make your hairstyle an even bigger mess. On the contrary with the banana clip, which is designed to hold your hair firmly but painlessly. Say goodbye to dandruff and fraying of your hair.

Stays in Place All Day

The clip has a W-shaped design that allows it to grip your hair in one go. The elastic can be hooked on the metal or beaded hinge, this will keep it in place all day long and you will not have to reattach your hair every time. Perfect for housework or sport activities.

Banana Hair Clip-1+1 GRATIS!!

The Banana Hair Clip is easy to insert, stays in the same spot and gives you an uplifting look. Exercise away freely and carelessly.

134 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Betty F. Phoenix
Since I've bought it I notice way less dandruff. I absolutely love it!
Lisa H. San Francisco
It keeps my hair back, but the curls stay presentable. It's great.
Susan T. Austin
These are fantastic so I’ve purchased 5 more!
Linda R. New York
Been wearing it in few different ways and I'm totally hooked.

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