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BeeWax Natural Furniture Polish

281 customer reviews

A cheap and natural solution to restore all of your worn-out furniture full of scratches and signs of usage. Let's make it shiny again!

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Just a swipe away from shiny furniture

Apply some wax, g ently circulate over the surface until the wax dries off and you are done. Only 2 steps to successfully save your furniture, time and money!

Works on all kinds of wood

Our BeeWax can be used on many different wooden surfaces, which means you can easily restore that favorite chair of yours or the worn-out wardrobe in your bedroom.

Restore and protect at the same time

Get rid of scratches and apply an additional layer of protection at the same time! The BeeWax will cover up all of the visible damage, leaving you with extra shiny furniture that looks like new.

Product specifications

  • Content: 80g (3-5m^2)
  • Protects from water & moisture
  • Natural ingredients

BeeWax Natural Furniture Polish

100% natural, 100% safe, 100% shiny. Let's bring your furniture back to life.

281 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Sandra E. Seattle
so easy to use with such shiny results. wow :)
Brenda V. Dallas
indeed makes a very visible difference!
Brenda K. Columbus
there is no smell after using it :)
Deborah E. Los Angeles
I really love the fact that it is all natural.

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