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Bicycle Handlebar Extender

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Due to the low handle of the bicycle, it's hard to maintain a fixed posture for a long time. Problems that have plagued cycling for many years will finally be settled.

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No Arm & Back Pain

With Bicycle Handlebar Extender biking is easier! Because you can position it according to your body posture, your back and arms will no longer suffer. Biking for hours will not be a problem anymore!

Easy Installation

Just connect it to the original front bicycle fork stem.The handlebar riser can apply to all sorts of bikes.

Adjustable & Light Weight

Adjust the gasket to fit your needs. It reduces the pressure of waist effectively and makes biking more relaxing. Handlebar Extender is 20% lighter than ordinary stem extender, which makes handling more flexible and easier to ride while climbing.

Bicycle Handlebar Extender

Time to make biking enjoyable!

139 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Linda E. Detroit
Biking just got much more comfortable!
Barbara J. Fort Worth
Easy to install!
Mary G. Fort Worth
Barbara D. Huston
Love it.

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