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Boxing Reflex Ball

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Looking for a way to get a good workout and stay in shape throughout your day? The Boxing Reflex Ball will do just that and even help you train your reflexes and agility!

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Train Your Reflexes

Boxing Reflex Ball is the perfect individual training device - it helps train your reflexes, agility, punch speed, combat skills and hand-eye coordination while providing a fun workout.

For Adults and Kids

This boxing reflex ball is a great choice to improve your reaction, agility punching speed, fight skill and hand to eye coordination training. Whether you are an adult or you want to get it for your kids, a boxing enthusiast or professional boxer, this Boxing Reflex Ball is perfect for you!

Safe To Use

We specially designed it to be lighter and softer than a tennis ball. In case you miss and it hits you, it won't cause any damage. Everyone can enjoy it without having to worry about bumping their face and hurting yourself.

Boxing Reflex Ball

Train your reflexes, agility and punch speed!

449 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Dorothy J. Columbus
Good quality.
Betty D. Charlotte
Perfect, easy to play with.
Dorothy M. Fort Worth
Nice for training your reflexes.
Pamela F. San Francisco
My kids love it, it's safe too.

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