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Cake Decor (8 pcs)

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Whether you are an avid baker or just getting into baking, having the best cake decorating tools can help you achieve your baking dreams. Cake Decorating Baking Tools will help you design beautiful cakes and cupcakes!

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Be Creative

With Cake Decor you can create swirls, rosettes, flowers, roping, stars, leaves and other designs with these icing nozzles and your imagination.


Cake Decor is perfect for decorating cupcakes, cookies, baking pastry. Used by professionals and amateurs alike.

Cake Mastery

Cake Decor are easy to use and clean. The icing nozzle is made out of durable stainless material. After use, simply wash it with warm water.

Cake Decor (8 pcs)

With Cake Decor, you can make elegant designs, even if you aren’t naturally artistic!

212 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Patricia T. Dallas
Very happy with my purchase! Already made my first cupcakes.
Susan H. San Francisco
Me and my granddaughter are having so much fun with it!
Barbara H. San Francisco
Got it for my baby girl, she's in love!
Sarah J. Fort Worth
Looks and tastes delicious.

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