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Car Door Handle Cup Protector (4pcs)

499 customer reviews

Tired of scratching your doors every time you try to unlock them? Don't want to cause any more additional damage? Cover you handles with our protectors and forget about scratches!

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Protect your car from unnecessary damage

Everyday use can leave unwanted traces on your car. Protect your handles before the scratches start to appear and give your car a layer of well deserved extra protection!

Cover all the visible scratches

Don't worry about what has already been made, rather focus on a way to fix the imperfections. Cover the damage after it's already been made, simply stick the protectors over and you are good to go.

Invisible protection for your car

A simple trick to boost protection for your car without changing the outer look! The invisible Car Door Handle Scratch Protectors won't affect your car's look as they are transparent and ultra invisible!

How to install

  1. Clean the surface.
  2. Spray water over the chosen position and the protector for easier modification.
  3. Install the protector and squeeze out the remaining water and bubbles with a towel.
  4. Apply heat.

Car Door Handle Cup Protector (4pcs)

Save yourself time and money, think ahead and protect your car from any kind of unwanted damage!

499 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Helen D. New York
These are exactly what I wanted and needed for the new car
Jennifer G. San Jose
I wish I knew such a thing existed years ago.
Sarah M. Phoenix
These things really are a must-have!
Helen D. Austin
Looks good and helps a lot.

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