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Carbon Fiber Car Tape

183 customer reviews

Pimp your car with some carbon details and give it that luxurious touch! A glance of elegance, a layer of protection, all of this and more with our Carbon Fiber Car Tape!

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Upgrade your car's looks

Cover parts of your car with our Carbon Tape and give it that sporty, cool touch that will catch everybody's glimpse! Look good while driving around, both you and the car!

A cheap solution to cover up all of your scratches and other damages

Cover what has already been done and protect what is still intact! Stick it over scratches, hide the signs of long-term usage or make a change to your car's interior. Be like a champ and drive like a champ, no need to be ashamed of your wheels!

Use our Carbon Fiber Tape elsewhere

Apply it to your bike, use it to repair cracks, make the best use of it as it most suits your needs! No need to be restrictive when it comes to purpose, set your imagination free and make the best use of it!

Size: 10cm x 5m

Carbon Fiber Car Tape

It's the details that make the difference. Make sure you stand out, not blend in!

183 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Elizabeth F. Los Angeles
Perfect, really high quality!
Sharon E. San Jose
I love how it makes my car look, so trendy!
Mary V. Huston
Incredible tape, so easy to apply!
Sharon V. Phoenix
I love it, looks so cool!

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