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Crystal Car Phone Holder

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Let elegance follow your path no matter where you are going. Our Crystal Car Phone Holder will keep your hands free while driving and will let you fully concentrate on the road!

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Be Safe On The Road

The simple design of the phone holder allows you to fully concentrate on the road without worrying about where to put your phone or having to deal with it being stuck.

Designed For Your Needs

The Crystal Car Phone Holder can be attached in two ways, in the car vent or be sticked on the dashboard, both functions allow you to fully rotate the holder and adjust the position to best suit your needs.

Bling Up Your Car

Made out of durable ABS materials and topped with diamond-shaped rhinestones, our elegant Crystal Car Phone Holder will elevate the interior of your car with its beauty, simplicity and usefulness.

Crystal Car Phone Holder

Play music, follow the GPS, all without having to take your hands off the wheel! A safer way to reach your destination.

431 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Susan T. Detroit
so pretty!!
Rebecca J. Los Angeles
I soo loove it!
Maria M. New York
I liked it very much!
Mary G. Denver
Very practical, the phone fits perfectly in it.

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