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Damaged Screw Remover Set

115 customer reviews

Remove stripped, broken, rusted and free-spinning screws without any effort! Don't waste time and save your patience while doing work around the house!

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Use Without a Drill

No drill, no worries. The tips of our Screw Removers have 6-sided shanks to prevent slipping and to ensure high grip. Grab a pair of pliers or something with what you can hold on to the removers firmly and you are ready to start.

Remove Without Effort

Easily remove that damaged screw that has been bothering you since ever in the kitchen wall and the bathroom cabinet because you didn't have the right tools! Little effort for great pleasure and a thankful home!

Take Care Of Your Home

Maintain your house by yourself and keep it in a good condition. Remove, replace, re-do, have fun while doing work around your house.

The set includes: 5x Screw Remover.

Damaged Screw Remover Set

Make an end to it and get to feel that long-awaited satisfaction when you finally remove that screw that's been bothering you!

115 customer reviews
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Sarah L. San Francisco
Got one for my husband, he really likes it.
Dorothy R. Fort Worth
Removes successfully.
Maria J. Washington
great product
Sarah K. Charlotte
Saves me a lot of time!

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