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Digital Microscope Camera

365 customer reviews

The details are hidden from the eyes, but not from our Digital Microscope Camera. Up to 1000x effective zoom to enlarge even the tiniest of them!

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The perfect toy for kids to start exploring the microworld

And the right gadget to continue doing so even when older. Awaken the child inside you and get lost in time while observing all of the countless details hidden from the eye!

Capture the world around you and share it with others

Take a closer look and examine the objects as if you were in your own laboratory! But don't stop there, take photos and videos of anything that catches your eye. Connect the microscope to your phone via WIFI and share everything with your friends!

A close-up of what your eyes can't see

If you can't see it, it doesn't mean that it's not there. It's about having the right tools to make it seen. Magnify and capture all the tiny details that surround you!

Digital Microscope Camera

Patterns, leaves, materials or tiny little creatures, take a closer look at the things that surround us in our everyday life.

365 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Maria F. San Francisco
Excellent quality!
Lisa K. San Francisco
Such a nice camera, really useful!
Sharon R. Dallas
I love this! So easy to take a photo as well.
Mary P. Columbus
Amazing tool, so interesting to see all the details!

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