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Electronic Measuring Spoon

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Why choose "a bit of this and a bit of that" when you can measure exactly the right amount of what you need with the help of our Electronic Measuring Spoon?

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High Precision

Measure every ingredient with high precision and accuracy, all up to the weight of 500 grams. With increments of 0.1g, your meals will always be perfectly dosed and extremely tasty.

Always At Your Reach

Don't waste time looking for scales when you can simply take the Electronic Measuring Tool out of your kitchen drawer. Small, compact, portable and always within your reach!

Makes Cooking Fun

Ever wondered how much does a tablespoon of flour weight? Or water, or butter? Measuring liquid and solid ingredients can be fun if you only have the right gadget! Get the perfect dose with our Electronic Measuring Spoon!

Electronic Measuring Spoon

Bake the cake of your dreams and make the best tea ever knowing you got exactly the right amount of ingredients needed!

426 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Brenda E. Dallas
A good replacement for weights, convenient.
Sharon H. Denver
Comes in handy.
Sarah T. Detroit
Ideal for smaller amounts.
Sharon J. New York
Excellent spoon scales.

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