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Elegant Calligraphy Pen - 1+1 GRATIS

369 customer reviews

Perfect gift for every calligraphy lover! This Elegant Calligraphy Pen will make writing so much easier and add a sophisticated touch to your manuscript.

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Sophisticated Design

The Elegant Calligraphy Pen is designed for stylish people that love to write by hand. The beautiful, timeless design is guaranteed to look good and trendy forever.

Learn Calligraphy

Learn the valuable skill of calligraphy easily with this specially designed Elegant Calligraphy Pen. The nib resembles the beak of a falcon and it flexes more easily than a normal nib, resulting in line variation reminiscent of traditional brush and point pen calligraphy.

Premium Quality

Made from highest quality materials, this Elegant Calligraphy Pen is guaranteed to last you a long time. From nib to the barrel, the finished product is a beautiful balance of form and function. You simply unscrew the barrel of the pen and stick the nib down in the ink bottle and turn the cartridge and it draws the ink up.

Elegant Calligraphy Pen - 1+1 GRATIS

Surprise your loved ones with a classy gift!

369 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Mary P. San Diego
The pen is really high quality and very durable
Mary F. San Antonio
Incredible pen, so easy to use
Linda E. Chicago
Lovely pen, it inspired me to learn calligraphy
Jennifer T. Columbus
Bought this as a gift for my wife and she likes it very much

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