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Garlic Press

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Bored of time-consuming garlic chopping? So are we! Try out our Garlic Press and save lots of precious time!

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Cook your meals like a professional chef

Don't leave the garlic out of your meals because you don't want to chop it and your hands may stink. Smash it with our Garlic Press and add some delicious flavour to your favourite dishes!

Smash large amounts of garlic in no time

Crush your garlic in no time! No more time-consuming preparation, simply peel the garlic and smash as much as you want! Perfect tiny pieces for your mouth to enjoy.

Don't worry about getting your fingers chopped

Because it's not a knife and you can't hurt yourself. Safe for kids, for you and for everybody with weaker hands! Chop chop directly to our shop!

Garlic Press

A meal without garlic is a meal lost. Tasty and delicious food on the table in no matter of time.

495 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Betty G. San Diego
Works really well, I use it all the time.
Patricia G. Phoenix
Really lovely tool, preparing the food is so much quicker.
Brenda V. Huston
Perfect for cooking!
Dorothy H. Fort Worth
High quality and durable tool

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