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Grinder Porcelain Cutting Disc

454 customer reviews

With the right tools, any work can be easily done. Tiles or pipes, cut them out exactly to your needs, without effort and with high precision!

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A 3-in-1 function

Cut, grind and shape, all of this and more can be done with our Cutting Disc. From bathroom tiles to the marble kitchen counter, you can easily fix, shape and give the final touch to your work.

Clean and smooth results

The high sharpness of the blade will ensure that every cut you make will be as clean and smooth as it can get. Guaranteed to provide superior overall performance and high quality results!

Cut and grind countless materials easily

With our cutting disc, you can easily shape countless materials, such as granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain tile, concrete and more. High precision cuts, and perfectly ground edges at your service!

Product specifications

  • Inner diameter: 16mm
  • Grinding surface: 20mm
  • Disc diameter: 100mm

Grinder Porcelain Cutting Disc

Perfectly cut tiles, smooth round edges and a job done effortlessly. Get yours now!

454 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Maria T. Boston
I used mine to cut ceramic floor tile. Made the job effortless.
Susan S. Austin
Excellent performance and value!
Lisa P. San Francisco
I have made dozens of cuts with this blade and it shows no signs of wear
Deborah F. Washington
I used it for cutting granite stacked stone around a fireplace.

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