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Heatless Hair Curlers (Set of 10)

155 customer reviews

Odorless, heat-resistant, and non-toxic curlers that are suitable for hair types 1a to 4c. No heating required!

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Soft, Lightweight, and Unnoticeable

Feel free to roam around the house or roll over the bed as you wait for the exciting moment of removing these curlers. Just be mindful that it's on there!

Curl the Way You Want!

Tight Curls: Leave curlers in the hair for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Add-ons are up to you!

Soft Waves or Loose Curls w/ smooth crowns: Use on clean, dry hair and wind spools starting mid-strand (for long hair). A blow dryer can be used to curl more quickly.

Curls-On-The-Go: Massage favorite hair product to the ends before curling and air dry for 10 - 30 minutes or apply heat if desired.

Note: The longer the curlers remain in the hair, the tighter the curl!

No Heat and No Chemicals, Yay!

Damaging your hair is the last thing you would want to happen. Play safe and smart while being the best version of a curlier you!

RECOMMENDATION: Based on user experience, buying at least 2 sets of curlers is recommended to achieve the best possible results.

Heatless Hair Curlers (Set of 10)

Minimize the possibilities of ruining your hair with too much heat or random chemicals in your hair. Go for bounding, bouncy curls with these heatless hair curlers today!

155 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Nancy L. New York
Woke up like this :P gorgeous
Helen T. Chicago
These are amazing and very soft, not painful at all :)
Sarah J. Los Angeles
Lisa K. Columbus
Kept them over night on wet hair without styling, that's the result ladies :P
Deborah J. Charlotte
I love it, it's so simple and the curls are sooo beautiful :)
Maria H. Chicago
Sarah K. San Francisco

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