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Hole Drilling Bit (10pcs Set)

381 customer reviews

Perfectly round holes all around your house! Glass, marble, tiles, granite, ceramic and many other materials are waiting to be drilled through.

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Working on tiles around your house and a pipe is in your way?

When tiling, it's almost certain that we're going to need a hole or two, to fit all the pipelines coming through the floor and wall. Choose the one that most suits your needs, in the wide variety of our Hole Drilling Bit Set.

Transform your old mug into a beautiful creation

Reuse your old and broken mugs, bottles and else, and rather than throwing them away, give them a new purpose! Make a flower pot, turn it in a candle holder or create a decorative piece to put on your table.

Make additional holes for your flowers

Sometimes our flower pots don't have enough holes to assure sufficient drainage to our beautiful flowers. Make an additional hole or two, to prevent roots from rotting.

Product specification

Size - 6/8/10/12/14/16/18/22/26/32mm

Hole Drilling Bit (10pcs Set)

Stop wondering how to make that perfectly round hole and get yourself our Hole Drilling Bit Set. Satisfaction guaranteed!

381 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Barbara L. Seattle
I like to reuse old stuff and this is just perfect for it!
Sandra K. Fort Worth
Having lots of fun in the garden thanks to this!
Betty V. Los Angeles
Managed to drill some nice holes for the bathroom tiles.
Sharon L. San Jose
Made my wife happy when I made her some personalized flower pots.

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