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Leather Repair Patch

217 customer reviews

Wondering how to hide that mess on the couch made by your dog or how to fix the ripped hole in your car? Don't worry, we got you covered!

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Cover up scratches and hide the missing pieces

Big or small, cut the patch according to your needs and make sure to cover all of the visible scratches. Bring back that sleek and smooth feeling to all of your stuff!

Prevent further damage from happening

It's not too late if your leathers have already started to crack! Prevent further spreading with our Leather Repair Patch and make it stop.

Peel & stick

A quick and simple fix to cover all of your holes without making any mess! Easily applicable by peeling the paper and sticking the patch to the wanted position.

Product specification

  • Material: PU leather
  • Size: 50cm x 137cm

Leather Repair Patch

Cover all of your ripped leathers in an instant with great success. Little effort for extra-noticeable results!

217 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Barbara M. Seattle
I was impressed by the quality of the patch
Barbara D. Fort Worth
It was very easy to apply, and looks great!
Pamela S. Dallas
The color was perfect.. You can barely notice the patch
Pamela P. Detroit
Easy to cut and remove the backing. The glue holds tight, even at the edges. Very satisfied.

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