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Lug Nut Cover (21 pcs)

361 customer reviews

Protect your car's lug nuts from rust and dirt while making your car look trendy and cool!

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Protect Your Lug Nuts

Lug nut covers serve as a barrier between the wheel bolts and moisture, road grime, and curbs. If you’re looking for durable, reliable lug nut covers that add a splash of color, our Lug Nut Covers are the best option on the market.

Easy To Use

Lug Nut Covers add a splash of color to your wheels, but they also protect your lug nuts from rust, corrosion, and road grime. They are very easy to install, simply put them over your lug nuts and you're set!

High Quality

Made from heavy-duty flexible silicone, our Lug Nut Covers are durable enough to withstand road debris and extreme temperatures. They fit most regular vehicles - the size is 19mm.

Lug Nut Cover (21 pcs)

Must have for every car lover!

361 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Sandra F. Phoenix
Looks perfect!
Jennifer T. Washington
Good quality and easy to use!
Jennifer V. San Jose
So nice!
Dorothy G. Charlotte
Incredible product, look so good on my car!

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