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Magnetic Car Sun Shade UMBRA (Full Set)

411 customer reviews

Traveling in a crowded, heated car can be a pain, especially during the summer. Outfit your car with the UMBRA Sun Shade and keep your family cool and comfortable.

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Don’t want your kids exposed to the hot glare of the sun?

UV rays can seriously harm human health. The Magnetic Car Sun Shade provides you and your family with maximum sun protection and lower car temperature while still maintaining the beautiful view of your road trip.

One minute installation

The magnets in the shade mean there will be no annoying suction cups or straps that are difficult to stick. No tools needed.

You can still enjoy your view

The magnetic car sun shade is breathable and will not block your view. This lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery outside your window.

What do you get in the package?

Sunshades for your whole car: 2x front window arched shades, 2x rear window squared shades.

Magnetic Car Sun Shade UMBRA (Full Set)

Do your kids complain about the heat and glare in the backseat of your car? The UMBRA Sun Shade is designed to protect your loved ones from the hot sun with must-have UV protection. Get yours now before you start your road trip!

411 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Maria S. Boston
does the job + you still can see the outside without any problem!
Rebecca L. Fort Worth
I can finally ride without the kids being too cranky about the heat!!
Jennifer R. San Francisco
helps a lot, stops the direct sunlight
Elizabeth G. Memphis
so thankful for this, saved my life when I got stuck in traffic

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