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Meteor Sky Garden Lights (8 lamps)

299 customer reviews

Turn your garden into a secret magical place with our Meteor Sky lights - an ambient without comparison!

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An atmosphere like no other

The lights are great for decorating the exterior of your house, your garden or hanging them around the tree to conjure up the feeling of being under the stars.

Shine bright like a diamond

The bright shine the lights emit can be seen from far away and you can be sure everybody will notice the beautiful illumination from afar!

The more lights, the better the atmosphere

The best part of our lights is that you can connect them to form a chain as long as you want to! And remember, there can never be enough lights!

Product specifications

  • Length: 2.1m, 8 lamps
  • Color: cool white
  • Connectable!
  • IP44 waterproof

Can be used indoor and outdoor!

Meteor Sky Garden Lights (8 lamps)

Nothing beats a beautifully decorated yard with the prettiest lights there are - Meteor Sky garden lights.🌠

299 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Brenda J. Los Angeles
our yard looks like from the movies haha :D very nice!
Pamela L. New York
Incredible! They make my garden look so festive.
Patricia V. Dallas
Oh wow, connected 3 of them together and put them around the fence, looks beautiful! :)
Barbara R. Phoenix
the lights indeed shine very brightly, I can easily recommend them to anybody :)

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