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Magnetic Center Scriber-1+1 GRATIS!!

285 customer reviews

Still wondering how to get your measures right everytime without thinking too much about it? Make your life easier with our Multi-Function Center Scriber!

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Perfectly centered and accurately marked lines

Our Multi-Function Center Sriber is the perfect tool when having troubles with determining the center and marking a good line. Make sure to pass the quality control check without a doubt!

Save your precious time

We've all been in situations when we are running out of time and still got tons of work to do. Save yourself time and rather focus on things that really do matter!

A must-have in your woodworking toolbox

Precision and proper measurements are important aspect when it comes to wood-crafting and carving. Our Multi-Funciton Center Scriber will make sure you'll achieve all of that and more!

Magnetic Center Scriber-1+1 GRATIS!!

Get our Multi-Function Center Scriber for a more accurate and precise measuring and marking experience!

285 customer reviews
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1 Magnetic Center Scriber-1+1 GRATIS!!
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Customer testimonials

Jennifer M. Columbus
Wish I had one of these a long time ago
Sarah M. Huston
This is a perfect tool for finding the center line on pieces of wood.
Linda R. Phoenix
Wonderful little tool for drawing accurate center lines
Patricia E. Boston
Simple design, easy to use and a "time saver" for marking center lines

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