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Music Box DJ PIGGY

371 customer reviews

Kids, are you ready to have some fun? DJ Piggy is here to bring the party and make all those autumn days feel like summer again!

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Every toddler will simply love DJ Piggy

Without a hint of doubt, DJ Piggy will steal your little one's heart! Press play and watch as the fun begins!

Only the best music tunes

Sing and dance along to the happy music that DJ Piggy prepared just for you! Clear sound, great effects and a rhythm that makes you swing back and forth!

So good even Piggy will dance along

Not even Piggy can resist the fun - once the party starts, both PIggy and your kid will sing and dance along to the music tunes! Hours of great times guaranteed!

Music Box DJ PIGGY

Let's get the party started with DJ Piggy - endless fun for your little ones!

371 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Dorothy S. Chicago
guess who's extremely impressed by the toy haha, our boy goes crazy every time the music starts 😄
Helen D. Memphis
DJ Piggy became part of our morning routine, waking up while dancing to start the day 🥰
Rebecca K. New York
the toy is great, our baby starts smiling and dancing the second he sees & hears it 😄
Maria R. Columbus
like father like son, gotta start them young and impress them over being a DJ :P

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