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Piano Key Stickers (88 pcs)

391 customer reviews

Our Piano Key Sticker make learning the piano easier by speeding up the process of remembering the keys!

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Learn faster

The Piano Key Stickers are very eye-catching and help keep your eyes on the notes while you play. It makes learning the notes easy and speeds up the process of memorizing the keys. Perfect for piano starters and little masters. The labels are specially designed to keep your eyes on the notes while you play.

Good for kids

Perfect product for small children who just started learnING how to play the piano! They are made to help you concentrate on the keys and easily find the right ones.

High quality

The stickers are printed on transparent material and coated with a long-lasting adhesive material that will not damage your keyboard. Works for all pianos and keyboards with black and white keys 88 /61/ 54/ 49/37 keys. Comes with a user guide with easy instructions to help you install them within minutes.

Piano Key Stickers (88 pcs)

Must have for all piano beginners!

391 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Sharon T. San Francisco
Makes learning so much easier!
Pamela K. Austin
Mary K. San Francisco
Excellent product!
Betty V. Detroit
Love these stickers!

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