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PipiPad - Washable Pee Pad

145 customer reviews

Tired of wasting large amounts of money on disposable pads? Replace it with our reusable PipiPad and successfully cut the costs down!

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No more smelly corners in your house

Thanks to the highly absorbent material of the pad, no pee is going to be dragged all around the house under your dog's little paws. Safely "trapped" in the pad, waiting for you to clean it up.

Don't be scared to come home after a long day of work

A true lifesaver for all pet owners, who are absent most of the day because of work and other errands. Be prepared for such cases as your pet's necessity won't wait for you to come back.

Start training them young and help them as they get old

Young puppies can't control their excitement and older dogs need a bit of your help when it comes to pee. With our PipiPad, you can successfully tackle both problems and give your dogs the life they deserve.

Product specification

  • Size: 80x90cm
  • Color: Gray

PipiPad - Washable Pee Pad

No more pee all around the house. With our PipiPad, your pets are going to know exactly where their place is!

145 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Mary K. Los Angeles
finally a pad I can trust! Extra adorable too :)
Barbara J. San Diego
my puppy loves his new pad, and I like the fact he got used to it quickly.
Nancy M. Dallas
Washed it quite a few times now and it still looks like new.
Patricia K. Boston
Glad I got this, waaay too much trash was produced before i bought the pad.

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