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Shocking Fun Ball

380 customer reviews

Literally amp up your party games with a jolt of excitement, and start passing the Shocking Fun Ball! When turned on, this futuristic-looking orb emits mild electric shocks every 10 to 30 seconds. Pass the ball back and forth like a hot potato.

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Futuristic electrifying game

Have fun with your friends while passing the ball! When you see the ball glow red, it means the ball is electrified...and you better hope it doesn’t get passed to you!

A Spark of Fun

This unique toy lends itself to the invention of new games and can be used to resolve classic disputes. Use it as a more exciting rock, paper, scissors when you need to settle important matters like who gets shotgun.

Exciting but Safe

Grabbing a ball of electricity sounds like a reckless dare, but Shock Ball delivers the perfect amount of dangerous. The shocks, while unpleasant, aren’t painful or permanently damaging.

*It is not recommended for people with heart disease.

Shocking Fun Ball

A spark of fun - This unique toy quickly turns your gathering into a frantic, laughter-filled game!

380 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Barbara K. Fort Worth
The product is AWESOME!
Elizabeth E. San Francisco
Bought this for my nephews 12th birthday. The boys had a blast!
Nancy L. New York
Fun game! Gets your adrenaline pumping.
Susan R. Denver
Played with kids and the shock is noticeable but doesn't hurt, so much fun!

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