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Shocking Fun Ball

420 customer reviews

Dare to play? Are you brave enough to hold the ball for as long as possible? Let's see who is a man of words and who is the man of actions! ⚡

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Think you can trick the game?

The tension is rising, all eyes on the ball - when will it burst off? No one knows, and that’s what makes the game fun!

Nothing but pure fun

Challenge your friends to a fun electrifying game - whoever can avoid getting shocked for the longest of time, wins!

The rules are simple

Don't drop the ball and don't let it shock you - you drop, you get shocked, you lose - that simple!

Note: It is not recommended for people with a weak heart or heart disease.

Shocking Fun Ball

A spark of fun - This unique toy quickly turns your gathering into a frantic, laughter-filled game!

420 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Rebecca M. Huston
The product is AWESOME!
Pamela D. San Jose
Bought this for my nephews 12th birthday. The boys had a blast!
Mary R. San Antonio
Fun game! Gets your adrenaline pumping.
Rebecca G. San Francisco
Played with kids and the shock is noticeable but doesn't hurt, so much fun!

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