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Slimming Detox Patch (10pcs)

188 customer reviews

Burn fat quick, safe and easy with our Slimming Detox Patch!

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Natural way to lose weight

Our Slimming Detox Patch combines traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy with advanced transdermal technology. It's also great for eliminating bloating, stomach pain, and exhaustion. Easy way to lose weight, slim down, and increase energy levels.

Easy to use

Tear the package and take out 1 piece of the slimming patch. Paste the slimming patch on the navel by removing the adhesive. Apply 1 piece each day, 8 hours for 1 piece, and 30 days as one treatment. For better results, try a 60-day course.

High quality ingredients

The main ingredients are Mugwort Floss, Zanthoxylum, Atractylodes Lancea, Ginger Root, China Root. These are proven to help with weight loss, increase blood circulation, minimize the appearance of cellulite, boost your immune system and remove body toxins.

Size: 5.5cm x 6.5cm

Slimming Detox Patch (10pcs)

Perfect way to get rid of excess weight and be healthier!

188 customer reviews
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Lisa K. New York
Perfect, works really well!
Rebecca L. Charlotte
Excellent invention!
Sarah S. Boston
I'm very satisfied with my purchase!
Patricia D. Austin
Incredible product, I already lost so much weight!

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