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StrongLift Magnet

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Looking for an easier way to lift metal objects from deep waters? This StrongLift magnet will make salvaging much easier!

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Ultra-strong for heavy lifting

Amazingly strong magnetic pull enables you to lift really heavy items that weight 65 kg. is there anything like this available anywhere else? No!

Use it for everything metal

You can use it for underwater fishing or lifting things, that are stuck at the bottom. It’s also been highly appreciated in different industry spheres.

Easy use

StrongLift magnet has a handle on top, where you can attach a rope. Longer the rope, deeper it goes. This magnet is also rust-resistant, so there is no need for maintenance.

Product specification

  • Carrying capacity: up to 65kg.
  • M304

StrongLift Magnet

This extra strong magnet can lift up everything metal up to 65 kg of weight! Just imagine what sort of thing you’ll be able to pull up this year.

253 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Nancy R. San Francisco
Searching the bottom of ‘our’ bay is something me and my son do every summer. This will be very helpful, can’t wait, what we find!
Sandra F. Columbus
My boss thought this way a good idea for our storage department. I must say, he wasn’t wrong (this time).
Maria G. Phoenix
Small but very very strong, it's great!
Nancy L. Los Angeles
I am using to find screws in difficult situations.
Patricia J. Huston
I’m a member of an activist group for clean waters. We constantly use this magnet to clean our capital’s river. What people throw in.. it’s an act against nature.

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