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Universal LED Taillights (2 pcs)-1+1 GRATIS!!

437 customer reviews

Having problems with rear parking? Not being able to see at night? Constantly hitting that pot of flowers? Make sure to know your way, light your path and make a safe turn!

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Back up safely even in the darkest corners

Having double thoughts when trying to fit in a spot with poor visibility? No need to, with our Universal LED Lights, even the darkest nights look like the most sunniest days.

No more additional damage

Hasn't enough damage already been made? Make a stop to unnecessary additional costs made because you weren't able to see properly!

Park with confidence and increase your safety

Be aware of your surroundings and make sure to see everything that may be behind you! Be able to see others and let people notice your car, make it safer for both of you!

Product specification

  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Input Power: about 6W
  • LED Light: white
  • Base Type: 921/T15 W16W
  • Can be used only for reverse lights.

Universal LED Taillights (2 pcs)-1+1 GRATIS!!

Don't wander in the dark when you can get it right to the last detail! Leave your doubts behind and drive with total confidence!

437 customer reviews
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1 Universal LED Taillights (2 pcs)-1+1 GRATIS!!
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Customer testimonials

Jennifer G. Seattle
Perfect product. It has very good intensity and strength
Sarah R. Detroit
I am able to see much better now, great.
Linda F. Washington
Actually helps a lot, satisfied!
Rebecca K. Columbus
Good in bad weather, helped me a lot.

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