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Wood Carving Set WOODLAND

131 customer reviews

Does fresh wood smell good to you? Love creating art with your bare hands? Then STOP RIGHT HERE and try out our WOODLAND carving set!

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You've got to start somewhere

And the WOODLAND set is exactly what every beginner woodcarving enthusiast needs to successfully start their journey!

Already know what are you going to carve?

With the right tools, the possibilities are endless. Start with something simple and then proceed to make beautiful hand crafted art pieces!

Product specifications

What do you get in the package?

  • 1x Hook knife, 1x Straight knife, 1x Detail Knife.


  • The hook knife is designed for spoon/bowl/cup carving and any round edge carving. It can hollow out spoons and bowls.
  • The straight knife is suitable for general wood carving, whittling, and roughing wood out.
  • The detail knife is perfect for delicate wood cutting and carving small details.

Wood Carving Set WOODLAND

Dive into the world of wood and discover the world carving!

131 customer reviews
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Customer testimonials

Brenda K. Washington
the tools are excellent, they seem very well made and won't break easily for sure.
Deborah S. San Diego
I think I found a new hobby haha :D great!
Mary H. Memphis
I must say I find woodcarving pretty relaxing! Thank you for the tools!
Pamela R. Columbus
I always wanted to try it out but never got the chance, this set makes everything so easy :)

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