Reusable Ranch Fly Trap

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An easy-to-use, reusable fly trap that is best used in canteens, toilets, restaurants, slaughterhouses, and more.

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Plain and Simple!

You don't need to be an expert in the fly-catching field to be able to set this thing up. All you need is a simple smelly bait and somewhere to hang it!

Set Up in 4 Easy Steps!

The setup process can only take seconds to minutes depending on bait availability. Let's run through the whole seamless process below:

Step 1: Hook the inner hook of the fly trap cage to the bottom of the ring
Step 2: Pour the bait into the bait tray (smelly and rotten food works best).
Step 3: Put the bait try into the wire slot under the fly trap
Step 4: Hang the cage above the flies' gathering place
See how flies swarm in a matter of seconds after setting up!

Non-Toxic & High-Quality Materials

This genius-made ranch fly trap is made of high-quality, thick iron wire gauze that ensures years of prolonged use. It's also good to know that it's environmentally and pet friendly!

Reusable Ranch Fly Trap

Catch the opportunity of catching those pesky flies with a simple trap. Get on today and worry less about flies tomorrow!

454 opinii klientów
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Rekomendacje klientów

Dorothy V. Dallas
if you have a yard, then you need this!
Helen M. New York
holly sh**, I can't believe this
Mary J. Memphis
I put some fly attractant in it, look at this
Maria K. Seattle
do I even need to say anything? :D

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